As she loves nature, and nature loves her, she has chosen the simple life of a witch. To humans, she appears sometimes noticeable, but always in the form of an old hag. Her doors are open to those who can find her. Sometimes she can be seen at crossroads or riding the sky in the direction of the sabbat. However, she belongs only to herself and for some time now she thinks of sowing the seeds of a new civilization.

She can be complex, but her best moments are when she remembers the early days and the archaic days of yore. Her heart embraces the memory of two main civilizational lines – Ancient Sumer and Egypt at the times of the Hittites which for her form east and south and where she was a priestess of Inanna – the goddess of love and war – and the life of the germanic tribes and nomadic people, a world which forms for her north and west of this world. There she was Völva or Sinwist. Pleasant are her memories about life in the camp of the Huns as Gyula. She has no home on this earth but she is never lonely – resting in herself, eternity and in constant connection with the long line of her kin. Today she lives and travels the forests of Transylvania, guarded by the last traditional gypsy camps, the last place in the west where the sky kisses the earth and the green maid still walks the ground. She enjoys wandering nature, looking for stones, herbs and animals noting their stories in the eternal book, collecting and condensing the moments of beauty all in one place.

She prefers to appear in her simple form. As an old woman in a black robe under which she holds hidden the eternal horizon of being and everything within, a red cap with a secret number of black pearls, mostly covered under the hood of her robe and a red belt with four ends- the four elements with her as the fifth. A silver chain holds a double circle – macro- and microcosmos captured in the eternal wheels of becoming and passing. Her necklace is made of an uncountable number of black pearls.

Nettle seems old, but she is eternal. As all being entities she has a beginning, but unlike most, she has no end. Her eyes are of pure black – as the primordial ground of the universe and it’s all eternal depths of generative blackness she is coming from. She created herself all by herself, weaving by will her body out the silver light of the stars. This is why her face and hair are of shining silver. But her hands are black – as black as the reflectoric akasha she is generating the world from when she wants.

She has many forms, and not all are known. she rides on flames and the rays of light, becomes one with the mountains, rocks, and valleys, the waves and maelstroms, or the wind, sometimes she rests untouchable as the night sky or inconceivable in the radiation of day.

Despite the old form of her body she moves fast and does not leave traces. After she appears the memories about her usually fade away fast in the flowing of time and remain only to those who can see her true nature – and only to the extent they can recognize her. To her brothers and sisters, she is always there and appears in her true shape as a young woman, which never ages.

Her magical pole controls the universe. On the lower end, it roots in the underworld with three times curled snake rising. The body of the pole spans the 9 worlds of Yggdrasil while on the top rests the diamond crystal.

Attached to the pole is a cord. She never spoke a word about it but in one of the items there, the runes Gebo and Isa are scratched each two times within. Gebo as a symbol of unity and gift – but also fate. As the edda says:


and Isa as a symbol of focus, concentration, the primordial ice everything was made of and the raw forces of the frost giants.

She is often seen with the Dagaz rune – the rune of twilight, dusk and dawn, morning- and evening star, representing final enlightenment and achievement, but also the double ax.

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